Thapat Nanthato

IT Operation Head-TM, AIA Thailand

More than 18 years of experience starting from working in telecommunications engineering in Thailand. As part of NGN project, 2/3/4G, LTE development and becoming an ICT project management, EDI / IDC, Infrastructure, Security that I am very challenging. The growth of the software industry has increased my expertise in Call center, Data managaement, Smart logistic and Process manage/improvement.

I was fortunate to have a different challenge experience in the UK in qualification role. And in a variety of industries that require multiple integration of different technologies I continuously improve my skills and experience by managing the success of various projects such as SDLC, ERP implemetation, IT banking, Data mining, Warehouse&logistic, Sattelite, Healtcare, Recognition, Analytics and Automation process.

The fourth genaration challenge currently allows me to start the transformation project by adopting RPA to applying the work process in the organization, How to manage disruptive coexistence and acceptance I am expanding into interesting technologies like ML and AI in the future, which the development will continue to be sustainable and limitless.